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A month and a half ago, I injured my knee in a climbing accident. Went three times a week, and had a bunch of needles stuck into me. Each appointment lasted an hour-ish. There was a bit massage therapy as well. I must say, after the three times I went I can finally bend my knee all the way again! My knee is still recovering, but the Dr. at Yicawell did a splendid job helping the recovery process. - June H.

Dr. Sandy Sun is one of the best TCM doctor that I have come across, and I have seen *a lot* of Chinese medicine doctors so far in my life time. Although she is not that old (most experienced patients prefer to see older Chinese doctors), she is gifted in giving diagnosis. She was able to see problems with my digestion, knees and other things by either looking or feeling my body, and she gave very practical suggestions to correct some problems, like doing certain exercises, eating certain things, or sleeping certain ways. - Tily C.
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